10 Best PEX Manifolds in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Pex ManifoldSo you want an efficient water distribution system? If yes, what you need is the best pex manifold system. For those who don’t know what a pex manifold system is, this is a system that offers a water plumbing hub for modern homes. The hub serves to distribute water(cold and hot) to various destinations throughout the home while giving you convenient control over your home’s water supply system. For example, some water goes to the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and shower, whereas other water goes into the toilet, washing machine, and so much more.

Types of Pex Manifolds

There are 4 different types of pex manifolds;

1. Valve Pex Manifolds

Just as the name suggests, these are pex manifolds with a valve. The valves serves to control the intake of water into the manifold from the external source. If this component is shut off, water will not enter into the unit. This type of pex manifold is suitable for industrial applications where there’s need to control numerous water lines that move water throughout the plant.

2. Valveless Manifolds

Valveless pex manifolds are the opposite of valve pex manifolds. These water distribution systems don’t have a valve, which controls the entry of water from the external source into the manifold. Once they are installed, water will automatically flow into the unit and get distributed to different zones. These manifolds are ideal for domestic applications with few water lines where there’s no need to control the movement of water throughout the home.

3. Manually Controlled Pex Manifolds

These are pex manifolds that are designed to be controlled manually. When you want them to operate, you have to open the inlet and outlet components so that water can get into the manifold and distributed accordingly throughout the zones.

4. Actuator Controlled Manifolds

These are the opposite of manually controlled pex manifolds. Instead of using your hand to control the inlet and outlet components of your manifold, the actuator does the job for you. All you have to do is turn it on or off.

List OF The Best Pex Manifold

1Viega 50243 PureFlow Zero Lead Poly Alloy PEX ManifoldViega 50243 1/2-Inch PureFlow Zero Lead Poly Alloy PEX ManifoldViegaCHECK PRICE
2VIVO 6 Loop 0.5 Inch Pex ManifoldIVO 6 Loop 1/2 Inch Pex ManifoldVIVOCHECK PRICE
3Apollo PEX 6907984CP 16 Port PEX ManifoldApollo PEX 6907984CP 16 Port Manifold ApolloCHECK PRICE
4SharkBite 22789 8-Port Closed Copper PEX ManifoldsSharkBite 22789 8-Port Closed Copper PEX ManifoldsSharkBiteCHECK PRICE
5PEX Manifold Radiant Floor Heating Set 4 Loop SystemPEX Manifold Radiant Floor Heating Set 4 Loop System CMICHECK PRICE
6SharkBite 22785 4-Port Closed Copper PEX ManifoldSharkBite 22785 4-Port Closed Copper PEX ManifoldSharkBiteCHECK PRICE
7AB WiseWater 8 Loops Pex or Radiant ManifoldAB WiseWater 8 Loops Pex/Radiant ManifoldABCHECK PRICE
8best pex manifoldSharkBite RM22724 24 Port Crimp Manifold with Brass Ball ValvesSharkBiteCHECK PRICE
9Viega 50143 2-Inch PureFlow ManablocViega 50143 - 1/2-inch PureFlow pex manifold ViegaCHECK PRICE
10Sioux Chief 672XV0690 PEX ManifoldSioux Chief 672XV0690, 1/2" PEX ManifoldSioux ChiefCHECK PRICE

Best Pex Manifold Reviews

Are you looking for an efficient water plumbing system? If yes, look no further than the top ten best pex manifold systems below. Note: These manifolds are not only necessarily made out of pex (a high-quality plastic) but also other materials such as stainless steel and alloy.

1. Viega 50243 1/2-Inch PureFlow Zero Lead Poly Alloy PEX Manifold

The Viega 50243 manifold is a strong and durable plumbing system that is made from alloy, lead, and pex. The main body is constructed using lead and allow. Notably, this manifold comes with 24 ports and 24 water distribution lines(pipes) made from pex. These pipes are enough to supply and distribute high-pressure water to every zone within your home. Notably, 15 pipes distribute cold water whereas 9 pipes transport hot water throughout your home.

Apart from that, it also includes a series of individual quarter-turn port shutoff valves that give you complete control over your entire plumbing system from one central location.



  • Non-corroding parts.
  • Low water flow noise
  • High chlorine resistance.
  • Does not include supply connections.
  • All the unused ports seem to be leaking slowly if not protected by port blocks
  • The product does not include all parts needed to complete the job e.g the cap and inlet supply connectors.

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2. VIVO 6 Loop 1/2 Inch Pex Manifold

The VIVO 6 Loop 1/2 inches pex manifold radiant floor heating set, 6 branch kit is one of the best pex manifolds on the market. The main body is made from stainless steel, ensuring prolonged durability. Additionally, the 24 connectors/lines/pipes that come with it are built using pex. Notably, three of these connectors serve as the manifold’s outlets. As if that were not enough, this water hub is equipped with 3 built-in adjustable flow meters/indicators. With that, you can adjust the flow rate of water on each loop and monitor the pressure.



  • Built with premium material.
  • Heavy-duty mounting bracket.
  • Automatic air vents.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with heavy-duty mounting brackets.

  • Unsuitable for potable water applications.
  • Weighs more(‎16.24 pounds).
  • Incompatible with SharkBite brand pex fittings.

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3. Apollo PEX 6907984CP 16 Port Manifold

The Apollo Pex 6907984 CP is a 16-port manifold designed to work great with the appropriate pex pipe fittings. Each port is ½ inches wide and compatible with an extensive range of water distribution pipes. It doesn’t matter whether you want cold water or hot water because this product has got you covered. It has both hot water and cold water pipes that work simultaneously to supply any kind of water(cold or hot) you need at any given time. It also has a single-point shutoff for all fixtures in your home. This enables you to shut off the water instantly in case of an emergency and prevent potential disasters like flooding.

Last but not least, this water distribution system comes with two 1-inch pex lines with built-in Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT) technology. One line distributes hot water whereas the other line transports cold water. Nevertheless, each line comes with 8 ports to which you can connect your pipes.



  • Very convenient.
  • Works with all kinds of radiant or water-distribution systems.
  • Provides a very high water distribution quality.
  • Useful for home and business applications.
  • Self detects cracks and flaws.
  • Easy to install and get started with.
  • It’s a bit complicated.
  • The plastic fitting/plug seems to fail pretty often for some people.

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4. SharkBite 22789 8-Port Closed Copper PEX Manifolds

The SharkBite 22789 8-Port Closed Copper PEX manifold is our fourth pick of the best pex manifolds available on the market today. This system comes with sturdy construction and a few cool features that go a long way when it comes to efficient water distribution. We also consider it one of the simplest pex manifolds, with only eight ½-inch ports that you can hook with your pipes and have fast water distribution.

There’s also a 3/4 -inch port on one end of the main body that serves as the source inlet point. Also, the main body is made from copper. This ensures a clean water supply without lead particles, keeping you and your family off health issues.



  • Weighs less(‎1.39 pounds).
  • Constructed with durability and safety in mind.
  • Lead-free copper construction.
  • Fast water distribution.
  • Simple design with straightforward installation.
  • Unappealing design and finish.

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5. PEX Manifold Radiant Floor Heating Set 4 Loop System

This is another great manifold system to consider if you are shopping for one. Not only is it efficient, practical, and easy to install, but it’s also very strong and durable. First of all, it’s made from stainless steel, which is one of the strongest materials for plumbing fixtures. Not only does this ensure durability, but it also ensures superb corrosion resistance. That means you can expect the system to last a lifetime without needing occasional repairs. As if that were not enough, this PEX manifold radiant floor heating system also comes with flow meters on the tips. These show you the pressure of each valve through GPM at any one time.

Additionally, the manifold comes with a 4-loop system even though you can also choose from five different options with ports ranging from 3 to 12. It all depends on your needs. Notably, this unit comes with balance valves. With that, you can easily regulate the water flow throughout the entire system.



  • A variety of choices with varying port numbers.
  • Lets you regulate the water flow throughout the entire system.
  • Reliable and long-lasting construction.
  • Comes in handy with a flow meter and pressure caps.
  • Comes with 1-inch NPT shut-off ball valves with threads on the female side that are incompatible with any standard fitting

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6. SharkBite 22785 4-Port Closed Copper PEX Manifold

This Sharkbite pex manifold is what you need to go for if simplicity is what you care about in a pex manifold system. For example, it features only four ½-inch ports that supply up to four different lines fast. What’s more, it’s designed in a way that makes it very easy to install. Matter of fact, you don’t need an expert or special tools to do that. Similarly, it’s also easy to set up and get started. The installation and setup process should take just a few hours instead of days as is the case with other manifolds.

This unit doesn’t come with many features but the few ones that it comes with all provide incredible benefits. For example, the excellent copper construction not only prevents corrosion and ensures lasting durability, but it also keeps your family away from lead poisoning and the potential health issues that may result from that.

Additionally, leak elimination allows you to enjoy using the product for years without worrying about your manifold developing holes that cause leakages in the future. Another cool feature is the 1-inch trunk port that serves as the water inlet. This component does its job of getting water from outside and reallocating to four different destinations within the house quite well.



  • Weighs less(0.6 pounds).
  • Constructed with copper to ensure health protection and safety.
  • Ranks highly for usability and durability.
  • More portable than other choices in its class.
  • Ideal only for small homes not larger than one bedroom.

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7. AB WiseWater 8 Loops Pex/Radiant Manifold

This AB WiseWater pex manifold, just like other mid-range manifolds, comes with 8 water distribution ports that are just enough for small and medium homes. The 12-inch individual ports can be divided into two categories so that some ports distribute hot water whereas others transport cold water throughout the house. Notably, every port comes with balancing valves that enable you to block a particular line from getting water, if you want to.

Even though this manifold looks simple and basic, it does everything a manifold is designed to do, satisfactorily. Notably, the main body is constructed from brass and coated with nickel. This gives the unit maximum durability and an elegant look, respectively. It also improves heat conduction, protecting the unit from any heat-related damages.

This product also comes with a 3/4-inch adapter for those who need one. It also boasts a special supply cum return inlet. The 1-inch inlet is equipped with a 1.6 GPM high-flow meter, making monitoring and adjusting your water pressure easy.



  • Performs more functions than a typical manifold.
  • Provides convenience.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Comes in handy with practical features.
  • Widely compatible with third-party accessories.
  • Weighs more(15.87 pounds).
  • The 1-inch supply valves tend to leak.

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8. SharkBite RM22724 24 Port Crimp Manifold with Brass Ball Valves

The SharkBite RM22724 24 port crimp manifold works like no other manifold. This brass ball valve manifold is known for its sheer efficiency and handiness. It’s known to provide the best pex manifold experience you can ever get. You’ll be amazed at how it distributes water to different places at the same time quickly and well.

Notably, this SharkBite pex manifold comes with 24 different ports that allow you to hook up your hot or cold water lines, using standard pex pipes. Unfortunately, the pipes aren’t included in the package.

What’s more, each port is 3/4-inches, the standard appropriate size for pex pipes. That means this unit is compatible with many pex lines. Nevertheless, the ports boast water-and-corrosion-resistant construction. That means you don’t have to worry about potential leakages in this manifold in the future.



  • Compatible with many pex pipes.
  • Comes with many ports, allowing you to establish as many water lines as possible.
  • Can also be used as a radiant heat manifold or an irrigation system.
  • Corrosion, rust and leakage proof.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Resilient and long-lasting.
  • Doesn’t include pex pipes.

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9. Viega 50143 – 1/2-Inch PureFlow Zero Lead Poly Alloy PEX Crimp Manabloc With 14 Ports

The Viega 50143 – 1/2-inch PureFlow pex manifold comes with 14 half-inch ports, 8 for cold water and 6 for hot water. This ensures great convenience for small and medium homes. Made from alloy, lead, and pex, this unit is non-corroding and chlorine-resistant. As such, it will not develop leakages in the future, plus it will work with nearly any kind of clean water without problems.

What’s more, it works with precision, taking water distribution to another level. It also helps conserve water, thanks to the ½-inch ports that let you use thinner pex lines that carry less water. Last but not least, the unique design of this manifold ensures reduced water flow noise, making for an ideal option for those who value tranquility.

  • A portable, sturdy, and sleek design.
  • Helps conserve water.
  • Built with sturdiness, resilience, and durability in mind.
  • Easy to install and get started with.
  • Has an impressive look.
  • Not affected by rust or corrosion.
  • Reduced water-flow noise.
  • Will not develop leakages in the future.
  • Doesn’t contaminate water.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Doesn’t come with pex pipes to hook to the 14 ports.
  • Consists of lead components, which can cause lead poisoning.
  • Not suitable for large homes.

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10. Sioux Chief 672XV0690, 1/2″ PEX Manifold

The Sioux Chief 672XV0690 manifold provides a safe and reliable performance. This product comes with 6 ports, ½ -inches each, and a ¾-inch inlet valve. Plus, each port has a valve so you can make the unit work with various radiant systems according to your needs. It can be a great option if you have a small home, thanks to the simple, portable, but functional design.

The manifold’s overall length is 10¼-inches in length. With that, you can install it almost anywhere you want without problems. The excellent lead-free, copper main body resists corrosion and rust, keeping you and your family safe from poisonous elements and the unit free from potential leakages.



  • Weighs less(2.2 pounds).
  • Doesn’t look appealing.
  • Compatible with a broad range of pex pipe tools.
  • Easy to install and get started with.
  • Sturdy and resilient.
  • Lead-free, corrosion-free, chlorine-free, safe, and durable copper main body.
  • Doesn’t come with pex water lines.
  • Only suitable for tiny homes with few water lines.

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Things To Consider When Choosing a Pex Manifold

1. Consider the Material of the Main Body

They are called pex plumbing manifolds because they are designed to work with water lines or pipes that are made from pex. However, the main body of these water plumbing units isn’t constructed from the above material. Instead, it’s typically made from copper, alloy, stainless steel, or lead. Of these materials, copper is the best whereas lead is the worst. That’s because copper is durable, impressive, corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, and chlorine-resistant. That makes a manifold that’s constructed from it durable, safe, and elegant. Lead, on the other hand, is unsafe because it will lead to lead poisoning. Therefore, one of the major characteristics of the best pex manifold system is that it’s constructed out of copper.

2. Pay Attention to the Size

Besides the material, size is another critical consideration when it comes to choosing a suitable manifold system. Don’t forget that these products come in different sizes with the most common sizes being between 3/8-inches and 1/2-inches. It’s important to remember that the size of the manifold you choose will be relative to your space. That means if you don’t pick the right size for your space, your installation project may backfire because the unit may end up being too large to fit into the space.

3. Consider the Number of Ports

A manifold system comes with an input that brings water from the primary source into the system. It also comes with several individual ports that serve to distribute water from the unit to the pex lines, which in turn transport it to the house. Now, these water plumbing systems come with different numbers of ports ranging from 4 to 24. Units with few ports are ideal for smaller homes with fewer water lines and vice versa. If your home is small, choose a manifold with few ports and vice versa. Or else, you may end up spending more on a manifold with more ports than what you need or less, but get something with an insufficient number of ports for your home.

Some models also come with an outlet that works to drain water from the manifold. These can be pretty helpful if you are always testing the distribution system for one reason or another e.g to check against issues or filtrate the water.

4. Look for the Essential Features

Some pex manifolds come with limited features and it’s not a surprise that some of them even miss a good number of essential features such as balance valves to easily regulate the water flow throughout the entire system.

The good news is that you can avoid wasting your hard-earned cash on such a product if you know the essential features to consider while shopping. Besides the above, another important feature to look out for in the shopping process is a single-point shutoff for all fixtures in your home. This allows you to shut off the water instantly in case of an emergency and prevent potential disasters like flooding from occurring.

5. Consider the Brand

Some brands are known to manufacture high-quality pex manifold systems. Other brands are known to produce low-quality manifolds. Knowing about brands that manufacture good manifold systems is a great way to get your hands on a product that offers value. Below are some of the best apex manifold brands we know;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between pex plumbing manifold and a radiant heat manifold?

Answer: Pex plumbing manifold, as said earlier, is a system that offers a water plumbing hub for modern homes. It takes water from the outside and distributes it to various zones within the home where the water is needed. A radiant heat manifold, however, is a sophisticated water manifold with added features, which is also used as a home heating system.

2. Why are they called pex manifolds?

Answer: First, pex is a form of plastic that is made of safe materials. Because of that, this plastic is now used in the manufacturer of water lines. A pex manifold is simply a manifold that is designed to work with pex lines.

3. Do I need an expert to help install a pex manifold in my home?

Answer: The answer depends on the kind of manifold you want to install. That’s because some models are pretty easy to put in place without the help of a technician, whereas others are fairly complicated and need special skills and tools to install.

4. Why are many homeowners turning away from traditional water plumbing systems to pex manifolds?

Answer: The short answer is that manifolds provide a few amazing benefits over traditional water plumbing systems. For example, unlike the latter, they accept all kinds of water supply lines(including those as small as 3/8 inches) and require fewer fixtures. Also, they are cheaper and more reliable, energy-efficient, water-conserving, and flexible than their predecessors.

5. Can pex manifold water plumbing systems be used effectively as heating systems?

Answer: Yes, there are radiant heat manifold systems that can serve the purpose of conventional room heaters.

Final Verdict

Modern homes nowadays have manifold systems instead of traditional water plumbing systems. That’s because the former has a few significant benefits over the latter as explained earlier. If you are looking for the right manifold system, look no further than the above products as those are some of the best options on the market right now. We recommend these products because they are reliable, durable, and practical for many homes, that is not to mention, versatile, as well as easy to install and use.

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