Top 15 Essential Plumbing Tools List In 2023

Essential Plumbing ToolsPlumbing is ordinarily a strenuous undertaking. That stems from the tougher and complicated nature of the processes that are involved. To be able to tackle this matter well, you need to arm yourselves with numerous tools-of-trade for the job. These are jointly called the essential plumbing tools.

They are basically implements that you use to perform a number of plumbing applications like joining structures, fitting them tightly, and sprucing your structures, to name but a few! We have dedicated the entire length and breadth of this article to just that. How about you investing some of your time to read through and know?

Essential Plumbing Tools


A hacksaw is by far the most significant plumbing tool of all. It is the one that is used to cut any type of screws, nuts, stubborn bolts, and pipes. This saw is super strong and well able to resist all forms of possible damages that may be leveled against it.


Screwdrivers are the ones that fasten two joints firmly together. They are super strong and highly threaded to make this reality possible. These materials come in diverse shades and forms as they are similarly intended for many kinds of joints and fitting circumstances. All you have to do is pick the most suitable one.

Propane Torch

If you happen to want to solder joints, you need an appliance that is similarly intended for that very purpose. The propane torch, it is! This one emits a high voltage propane gas that is super-hot and tough. It is the one that melts the metallic components to see to it that they are seamlessly joined together.

Plumber’s Torch

This is a somewhat smaller version of the propane torch. Similarly, it also derives its fuel from the propane gas that is super-hot and also well able to melt the metals and subsequently solder the joints together. In many instances, this one is used to melt and solder the Copper wires or materials firmly together.


Also called the drain plunger, this is a tool that serves to unclog the drains the free the same of any constrictions or blockages that may impede the smooth flow of the effluence in the drain pipes. It is a great one hence to use for and in those circumstances that bend towards the matters of plumbing.

Metal File

From time to time, your sharp objects shall definitely lose their sharpness. To restore them to their original sharpness, you will have to make use of a metal file. This is a special piece of equipment that you use to make the edges sharper and better placed to pierce through materials.

Pipe Bender

Desiring to shape new pipes or install one to a shape that is the same as that of a pre-existing one? The pipe bender will come in handy. As its name implies, this one is used to alter the shapes of the pipes in such a way as to let them fit together.

Tubing Cutter

Even though many plumbing pipes may be cut using a hacksaw the tubular structures are better cut using the tubular cutters. The shape and orientation of this kind of cutter make it better suited to break apart the tubes in ways in which your ordinary cutters can only dream of.

Saws and Cutters

For your general cutting tasks, you need the saws and the cutters. These are pieces of equipment that are meant to facilitate common everyday cutting tasks and undertakings. They are lighter, simpler to use, and generally handy for common light everyday tasks. That they are cheaper makes them better bets for your use.

Plumber’s Tape

While working on some items, you need to fasten them temporarily to prevent the same from falling apart while in progress. The plumber’s tape is the one to set your eyes on under such a circumstance. It is an adhesive that is indeed capable of joining two parts and components firmly for a limited amount of time.

Washers and O-Rings

Washers and O-rings are materials that help you to seal the drains in such a way as to prevent the same from letting the wastewater overwhelm the plumbing system. Given their significance, you want to replace them every quite often. That can only happen if you find suitable replacements to that effect.

Stubby Screwdriver

Unlike your ordinary screwdriver, the stubby screwdriver is one that is employed in the extremely tight spots and places. These are portions of the installations that are largely unreachable via the ordinary or electric screwdrivers. That makes them also awesome for the extremely squeezed undertakings and common everyday operations.


The pliers come in handy when bending or shaping metals or wires. They lay claim to this stake by virtue of being strong and able to grasp these metallic components together. Being light and stable, the pliers are items you would want to make a vital part and parcel of your armory.


Also called the spanners, the wrenches help to provide the grip you need to apply the torque on any material that is being worked on. They are stronger and diminish the amount of effort you need to have your way. Like the pliers above, they too are a vital part and component of your tool armory.

Snake (Drain Augers)

The drain augers is basically a coiled metal cable that is used to unclog a drain. Thus, it also serves the task of a plunger albeit in a smaller and squeezed drainage system. You will find it absolutely vital for your general plumbing works, sinks, and other interior facilities.

Final Verdict

Needless to say, the plumbing tools we have looked into above are not all that be there. There are countless others that we had to leave out for the sheer reasons of limited time and space. Nonetheless, the ones we have looked into are the best and most critical of all.

In your search for the right tools, do give them a topmost priority. You are less likely to go wrong with them in your hands. How about you also pushing this information as far wide as you possibly can? Don’t you also want the others around you to gain the selfsame advantages as you?

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