Best Methods How To Cut PVC Pipe?

How To Cut PVC PipePVC is the acronym for polyvinyl chloride pipe and it is a plastic pipe that is used for draining purposes. It is widely used for bathrooms and kitchen renovations. The pipe is equally used for plumbing repairs and several other purposes. This pipe is used in the toilet, sink as well as a shower.

Furthermore, it is useful in the replacement of rusty sink trap. They are available in different sizes and lengths. Because PVC pipe is widely used, you still have to cut it before you use it.

Different tools are available for you to cut it, and there are at least three useful tools you can use to cut it. The best cutting tools are those that guarantee accuracy when you cut it. Three tools you can use to cut include the following:

  • PVC cutter
  • Handsaw
  • Miter saw

You can use any of these tools to cut. Your choice depends on what you want to use the pipe for and the size of the pipe you want to cut. One cutting tool will be more appropriate than others in certain job environments. To ensure that you get a perfect cut, it is still necessary you stick to the instructions while doing that. If you do not follow these instructions, you could make a mistake while cutting. Most of the cutting saws are accompanied by instructions or manuals about setup and about how to use it to cut.

How To Cut PVC Pipe?

Treatment before you cut

Lubrication materials should be applied to the system before you cut. PVC pipe can benefit from lubricants since it can soften the pipe and makes it easier to cut. It does several things, and the first thing is that it can reduce friction and makes it easier for the blade to move through during the cutting process. Furthermore, it reduces the quantity of dust coming out of the pipe and prevents air pollution.

You must look for the most suitable lubricants and the best are those with a silicone base. Such lubricants are safe for both the pipe and cutting tools. It is easier if you apply that lubricant to the pipes directly.

Pipe cutter

You must choose a perfect cutter. A good quality pipe cutter is well designed, and they look like pliers, as they come with a thick and sharp blade. This is the quickest and you can achieve a perfect cutting result within the shortest time. Moreover, such a cutter is convenient to use, and cleaning up after use is not difficult.

Place the pipe on a stable surface.

When you begin to cut, ensure that the pipe is in a stable place where you can cut with ease. The best stable surface includes a workbench, sawhorses, and so on. Ensure that the pipe does not shake when you cut.

Here are some useful cutting tips

Ensure that the PVC cutter blade is very sharp. When you use it, the temperature should be above 50 degrees. If it is below that, it can damage the pipe. Squeezed style cutters can cut pipes even with their smaller diameters when the pipe size is two inches in diameter, or when it is larger than that. The best cutter is the rotary style cutter. This kind of cutter is better but is very expensive. When the size of the pipe reaches four inches, you require a superior cutter, such as the best for that purpose.

Using a handsaw to cut PVC pipe

One of the cutting instruments you can use is the handsaw. You can use a hacksaw as many do it yourself users will do, or you choose a carpenters saw for the purpose. To successfully cut with this tool you require something to guide the blade as you cut the pipe. There are different ways of guiding it, and one of them is by using a miter box. It comes with a square angle that can guide the saw blade as you cut through the pipe. While you cut it, do that slowly. It makes it easy to have a perfect cut.

Using a miter saw to cut a PVC pipe

This is another useful tool that you can use today to cut a PVC pipe. A quality electric saw can do a perfect job for you, and this is used in the carpentry shop. It is the most advanced tool for cutting. Apart from ensuring an accurate and precise cutting, it can cut fast. To use this to cut, you have to position it very well and the best way to do that is to position it against the miter saw fence. This makes it easy to see the mark. Furthermore, a line that blade with the cut mark you desired. Lift that saw up and starts cutting with the blade. When you cut take the blade to the pipe slowly until it cuts through. It is possible that the miter saw could not cut it perfectly the way you want during the initial cut. When that becomes the problem, simply stop the blade and twist that pipe. The remaining parts will flow perfectly and you can cut correctly.

How to clean burrs after cutting?

There will be a burr remaining at the end of the cutting. It will be there irrespective of the cutting instrument you use and how sharp that instrument is. You must therefore make a plan about cleaning such burrs after cutting. If that burr is not cut, the remnants can make it difficult for the pipe to fit perfectly to the place you want to use it. To avoid a problem later, it is necessary that you remove the burrs and there are two different ways of doing that.

The first method of removing the burrs is by using a very sharp utility knife which you can apply to the inner as well as the outer rim of that cut. When you do that, you hold the blade at a good angle and allow the knife to run smoothly to the rim to help remove every burr left behind during the cutting process.

The second method of doing that is to sand the outer and the inner rim slightly. You can use 120-grit sandpaper or you choose a plumber’s cloth in doing that. Concentrate on the burrs and smoothen them. If you tamper with the edges, it makes it difficult to fit.

Ensure that you use the correct cutting tools when you do that. In no circumstance should you use table saws for the cutting? This is because the table saw has a flat surface while the PVC pipe is curved. Because of the difference in shape, it could slip when you cut and that could cause an accident for the user. So you must always cut with the correct tool.

In the same way, avoid using band saws to cut. The reason being that the band saw is very slow in movement and such slow movement is not the best and it can cause the pipe to crack.

The other cutting tool you should avoid using is the regular wood saws. Using this kind of saw cannot achieve the expected result because they are too far apart. Since it could not cut properly, it may not fit well.

Final Verdict

Even if you are a novice in using this instrument, information here is going to assist you to cut any kind of PVC pipe. It is not only PVC it cuts, you can use it to cut other kinds of pipes as well.

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