Which Pex Crimping Tool Is Best? – Step By Step Guideline

Which Pex crimping tool is bestAnyone who has worked with plumbing, hydonic systems or radiators have dealt with Pex pipes. Pex pipes are versatile and they offer a piping system that can be put together quickly. They’re high quality in the world of piping, and they’re also versatile. Installing them requires the use of the right pex crimping tool. The question is, which pex crimping tool is best? This guide will show you how to find the right Pex crimping tool for the job. It explains which features to look for when looking for the right solution.

What is a Pex tool?

A Pex Crimping tool is an important tool for installing pex pipe. They were first made by the SharkBite company. They are designed from cross-linked tubing made of polyethylene tubing. They’re better than CPVC or copper because they are more flexible. These pipes have small bands made of copper around them called crimp bands. They are needed to secure the tubing firmly in place by crimping them. The Pex tool is used to crimp these bands tightly around the pipe so they are secure and won’t leak.

Important Features To Look For

When you’re deciding which Pex crimping tools to buy, it’s important to know what to look for. The features are what make this tool useful in different situations. There are different models of Pex crimping tools. Some of them are designed with small variations. Knowing how these differences will work is important. The factors to consider in your search are the tool length, the size of the crimping clasp and the calibration.

Tool length

Where are you going to be working? Do you need a longer Pex crimping tool to reach the pipes you’ll be working with? This is an important consideration because the Pex crimping tool must be long enough to reach the pipe crimping bands that you need to crimp, but the tool shouldn’t be so long that it’s awkward to use if you’re working in a confined space.

Size of Crimping Clasp

There are differences n the size of the crimping clasps on Pex crimping tools. The reason for this is that there are different sizes of pipes. On average, crimping clasps can be 1/4 inch in size to 1 inch. Choose the Pex crimping tool that has the right size of crimping clasp for the job you will be doing.


After you’ve used your Pex crimping tool for a while, you may discover that the tool gets stretched out. This makes it harder for you to crimp the clasps onto the pipes. The Pex tool that you buy should have the feature that allows you to calibrate the tool back into its original position to make crimping jobs easier and more effective.

Go/No-Go Gauge

Also, look for a tool that has this feature. It lets you know if your tool will work on the size of the crimp and pipe that you are working with.

Easy To Use

This is another feature that you want to look for in a Pex crimping tool. It should be rated as easy to use so you can complete installations on your own. Choose a Pex tool that is simple and easy to use regardless of your skill level. Remember they come in a lot of different designs so simple is better, as long as the tool has all the features you will need.

Final Verdict

When choosing a pex crimping tool you should think about the kind of job you will be doing first. Find a tool that has all of the features that you will need for the task. It should be long enough to reach the pipes, but not so long that it’s hard to manage. When it comes to Pex crimping tool designs, the simpler the better. It should be easy to use and not a complicated version. The best Pex crimping tool is the one that will be the easiest to use and the right size for the job.

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